#7 don’t believe, don’t think but ACT!

The Buddhist have their eight-fold path, Christians the ten commands and as Spiritualists we have the seven principles. We can contemplate and meditate, debate or be literate… but if we don’t ACT nothing will ever change in this world. Our view on the world can be positive or negative, hopeful or low-spirited but it’s totally up-to-you how you look at the world around you and act.

This audio recording contains an address I recently gave at an online Spiritualist Divine Service. To me mediumship and Spiritualism is about celebrating life and finding a way we can all contribute in a creative and sustaining way to build a future for the generations yet to come. Continue reading “#7 don’t believe, don’t think but ACT!”

#6 the DAPL tragedy – two tribes of men

Generally speaking, mmmm.. very generally speaking there are two types of people!

  1. those that act to benefit themselves
  2. those that act to benefit others

And perhaps those who are asleep and have no idea at all. I’m not a scientist though but my gut feeling tells me there is a tendency to see more men in the first category and more women in the second. This is just a feeling so don’t put to much weight on it. I remember conversations with my mom and every now and then she would say that in her days her parents would not allow this or that. But she wanted her kids to have the freedom to do so. Sound familiar?  Continue reading “#6 the DAPL tragedy – two tribes of men”

#5 let your soul be touched

A dear friend of mine send me this music this morning and I’m trying to find words explaining what happened. It was touching something within me, so deep, so pure, so sacred but it also left me scared, naked and vulnerable. It resonated on a very deep level of my essential being.

This video shows the beauty, strength and depth of the female voice; of the feminine power that is within all of us. And perhaps, this was touched within me too. Could the strength of this video, of this song, be that it speaks to the wounded warrior of the male spirit.. knowing, that the only way to heal is by embracing and accepting the feminine power within.

This, to me, is true influence! Healing, embracing, opening, caring and loving ♥

Song by Laboratorium Pieśni – Sztoj pa moru

#4 inspiration is influence too

There are so many ways that influence can move our spirit. Things happening to us on a daily basis, our actions, our past and often something that we read. I want to share with you today a little piece I wrote, being inspired by a force greater than my conscious awareness.

There will never come a time better than this very moment to start loving yourself. Wait no longer, hesitate no longer, doubt no longer. You are a beautiful and perfect expression of the divine within. Your breath can tell fairy tales, your touch can make a heart beat last forever. Life never ends, has never begun. You cannot go back to the moment of birth and find an empty moment in time when you were not there. You have always been here and there will not be a moment in time when you wont. Continue reading “#4 inspiration is influence too”

#3 two, one.. too late, now it’s gone

It started playful and simple with an idea; “mmm, it would be nice to share a guided meditation that uses the theme of influence“. Last week I recorded a meditation I did with a group of international students of mine, the recording is already made so easy peasy! Well that’s what you think. It starts out with the “it would be nice to” but slowly it moves to “I should do it, yay!” to the inevitable and destructive “if I don’t do it today it’s pointless even doing it at all“. That was today!

HOW MANY OF YOU RECOGNIZE THIS? One moment we are all psyched about something and the next we send our sabotage squat on a mission to self and the remaining bits of a belief in our self; searchiiiiing, seek and destroy! (yep, here speaks a Metallica fan of the first hour) I’ve mastered this art of postponing something and then dropping the whole idea all together. Why? It’s because of the invisible force called influence. Continue reading “#3 two, one.. too late, now it’s gone”

#2 the “your Thoughts create Your life so think Positive” attitude

Stop sabotaging yourself right now! I want to illustrate why? by using some common sense and logic. Are you somebody who is always happy 😉 , *cheer*ful , optimistic, +positive+ and lovey dovey xoxo? Please.. tell me how you do it! (do it please!!!) Reality for most people is that life treats them with good and bad things, happy and sad moments, sickness and health and whatever more. You can lie to me but who hasn’t at times cursed and yelled with your mouth closed turning a as-good-as smile. I have, oh boy! Luckily, thoughts are thoughts, that’s it.

Let’s put some new-age stuff in another perspective:

your thoughts create your life and thinking negative thoughts around any situation in your life will help to create a more negative outcome to occur going forward

That’s not a very nice thought isn’t it? But it’s true if we claim all the other positive variations to be true too. But there is a solution though; STOP THINKING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! Yaay!! Humanity is saved once again. Gawd.. please… stop sabotaging yourself!

It’s not really the thought that has any effect,
it’s how they influence us.

Think about it; you can meditate and Continue reading “#2 the “your Thoughts create Your life so think Positive” attitude”

#1 the Moment it hits You

You probably will all have experienced it at some point in your life, some perhaps more than others; that eureka moment when you know you hit on something. Mine happened a few days ago when I was reading a newsletters and in it was a transcript of a seance by medium Stainton Moses:

We desire to show you that God Himself is the center of influence, and that His influence, flowing through intermediary agencies, permeates humanity; and those influences (angelic, you call them) influence mankind.

Ok, don’t just leave me here! Continue reading “#1 the Moment it hits You”