#1 the Moment it hits You

You probably will all have experienced it at some point in your life, some perhaps more than others; that eureka moment when you know you hit on something. Mine happened a few days ago when I was reading a newsletters and in it was a transcript of a seance by medium Stainton Moses:

We desire to show you that God Himself is the center of influence, and that His influence, flowing through intermediary agencies, permeates humanity; and those influences (angelic, you call them) influence mankind.

Ok, don’t just leave me here! I’m not about to force you into any doctrine or belief system. (I’m reading what I do because of my own personal interests … and that’s my business, thank you 😉 ) But I started contemplating on this concept of ‘influence‘. Sure we know that marketeers love to influence you into buying their stuff using very smart tactics they learned out of books. But ‘influence’ is so.. SOOOO much more!

I came to a very simple yet, may i say, profound conclusion that – even though influence is very multi-dimensional – influence has two flavors:

  1. A subject is influenced, and;
  2. A subject influences.

Wow! It’s out there, my first post on a subject I’m so thrilled and excited about. I’m planning to write A LOT more about this but please; challenge me! Let me know what you think; you agree/disagree? Cool, send me a txt so we can have a little discussion and see where it gets us.

As you might see, the website is just a basic template from WordPress. This is so ‘not me’ mr IT guy. But I decided this time it’s about the content and the form will come in time. Ok, this is it for now!

3 thoughts on “#1 the Moment it hits You”

  1. Hi Edwin delighted you are creating I agree to both parts of what you state RE influence but what about autonomy, do you think we are capable of being autonomous beings if we are influenced from the time we are born?

    1. Yay you are officially the first one commenting on my post Miriam 😉 A very good question! Look at influence as the wind on the ocean and you are a ship trying to set sail. Depending on how you move the sail of your ship, the wind will either move you forward or blow you backwards. And depending on the angle of the sail the wind could have no effect at all.

      So it is in our conscious mind as well! We have free will that will allow us to direct the amount of influence situations, people or other subjects have on us. Could it be that from the very moment of birth, and even at the moment of conception, there is influence?

      ‘What’ makes cells divide? ‘How’ do cells know whether to become an organ, a bone, skin or part of our brain? From the smallest particles to the biggest storms we see that same mechanism of influence. Do I make any sense? 🙂

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