#2 the “your Thoughts create Your life so think Positive” attitude

Stop sabotaging yourself right now! I want to illustrate why? by using some common sense and logic. Are you somebody who is always happy 😉 , *cheer*ful , optimistic, +positive+ and lovey dovey xoxo? Please.. tell me how you do it! (do it please!!!) Reality for most people is that life treats them with good and bad things, happy and sad moments, sickness and health and whatever more. You can lie to me but who hasn’t at times cursed and yelled with your mouth closed turning a as-good-as smile. I have, oh boy! Luckily, thoughts are thoughts, that’s it.

Let’s put some new-age stuff in another perspective:

your thoughts create your life and thinking negative thoughts around any situation in your life will help to create a more negative outcome to occur going forward

That’s not a very nice thought isn’t it? But it’s true if we claim all the other positive variations to be true too. But there is a solution though; STOP THINKING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS! Yaay!! Humanity is saved once again. Gawd.. please… stop sabotaging yourself!

It’s not really the thought that has any effect,
it’s how they influence us.

Think about it; you can meditate and have thoughts about doing shopping, finishing work and being annoyed about your partner not doing the laundry. Argh.. those thoughts. The only result is you being less relaxed as you were before meditating unless… (hold your breath, this is going to be wild!!) thoughts created an outcome and a magic fairy has done shopping for you, finished your work and done both you and your partner a favor by getting the laundry done. (you can breathe out again) Bless those fairies!

I’m making a bit of a joke of it. But isn’t it true? The effect, or power, of thoughts are within the domain of thought. Thankfully we have something to say about the influence our thoughts have over us. And most likely; positive thoughts have an ability to create more positive thoughts and vice versa. We can have creative thoughts, problem solving thoughts and we can also totally and completely tear ourselves apart thinking we aren’t worth it or are not good enough. It’s HOW we ACT on our thoughts, that gives our thoughts the influence they can have on our life. Over and over again!

So use your thoughts in a way that works for you! Think how you want your thoughts to influence you, your actions and how you feel about your self. It’s not your thoughts, it’s how you allow them to influence you that holds the real power of creating a desirable outcome.

Ever felt you sabotaged yourself and want to share some of your nasty dark secrets? We all love that stuff! Please use the comments box and share your thoughts.

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  1. @Edwin; a little not to self 😉 I wrote about meditation in this latest blog but how about recording a little guided meditation for your friends out here? Something to help them work with the concept of influence. Mmm.. good idea!

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