#3 two, one.. too late, now it’s gone

It started playful and simple with an idea; “mmm, it would be nice to share a guided meditation that uses the theme of influence“. Last week I recorded a meditation I did with a group of international students of mine, the recording is already made so easy peasy! Well that’s what you think. It starts out with the “it would be nice to” but slowly it moves to “I should do it, yay!” to the inevitable and destructive “if I don’t do it today it’s pointless even doing it at all“. That was today!

HOW MANY OF YOU RECOGNIZE THIS? One moment we are all psyched about something and the next we send our sabotage squat on a mission to self and the remaining bits of a belief in our self; searchiiiiing, seek and destroy! (yep, here speaks a Metallica fan of the first hour) I’ve mastered this art of postponing something and then dropping the whole idea all together. Why? It’s because of the invisible force called influence. There is something within me that’s really good at setting parameters preventing me to either start or finish something. But here’s the deal; I’ve found the solution to overcome it!

The only problem is; I don’t have the time right now to share it with you. I’m going out with the boys because one of them is playing some songs tonight in a little bar called V. (Check it out here) But in the mean time I would love to hear from you;

Have you ever experienced a similar situation? share, share, share!! Abuse that comment box below and let me know what you struggle(d) with.

ps: the meditation is on its way, it just needs some editing
ps2: there’s probably no blog tomorrow as it’s my birthday 🙂
ps3: I’ve found the solution to fight that darn sabotage squat, so there will be a post about the solution!

3 thoughts on “#3 two, one.. too late, now it’s gone”

  1. Thanks for the interesting post. I do recognize this to be true for my situation too as I have a million things to do but once I turn on the tv to watch my favourite soappies I really don’t feel like doing anything. I would love to learn new things too. Have a nice day.

    1. hi Grace, I remember having a tv and those things act like time machines… you sit down at 8PM and before you know it 3 hours have passed in thin air and it’s time to go to bed. Of course there should be time to chill out and relax but unless we ever try to change habits, we will never find out that doing things differently will actually give us a lot of energy. A lot of people are caught up in habits and habits can create very strong currents of influence. Ask yourself: why do you really watch tv? Is it a habit than break it. Like I said, new stuff will often give new energy!

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