#4 inspiration is influence too

There are so many ways that influence can move our spirit. Things happening to us on a daily basis, our actions, our past and often something that we read. I want to share with you today a little piece I wrote, being inspired by a force greater than my conscious awareness.

There will never come a time better than this very moment to start loving yourself. Wait no longer, hesitate no longer, doubt no longer. You are a beautiful and perfect expression of the divine within. Your breath can tell fairy tales, your touch can make a heart beat last forever. Life never ends, has never begun. You cannot go back to the moment of birth and find an empty moment in time when you were not there. You have always been here and there will not be a moment in time when you wont.

You are such a beautiful spirit, powerful and strong. If only you would open your eyes to see yourself. Open your ears and listen. The moment you open your heart to who you truly are. You will hear and see the very expression of this divine revelation. You are the God and Goddess. The light and the darkness, beginning and the end. All in one moment, now.

Accept all that you are, all that you have been and all that will come your way to show you the truth of who you are. In every meeting you see yourself reflected, in every person you can see the love you truly feel for yourself. Embrace the other as you embrace yourself. Accept and love the other as you do yourself.

There is no dividing line, no exception to the universal rule of all that is as one. You cannot step aside when the light is to bright, wear no glasses to protect your eyes but just step into the light and bathe in it. Because this light is not without you, it is within. It is yours to be as you have always been. Re-connect to what has always been connected. Re-member what has always been at your side. Reclaim your power, your love.. all that is your heritage.

Do not doubt, for what you can reach for, is within your reach. What your mind is capable of ‘seeing’, it will be capable of manifesting. Give birth through thought, via your mind that is part of the divine Spirit. You will never be capable of dreaming of what cannot be, of understanding what is not true. So dream big, love grand, express all that is within. Be love, be peace, be the dream, be the miracle that life is.

Do not wait any longer, it begins now. Right now. Right here. Now.

6 thoughts on “#4 inspiration is influence too”

  1. Hi Edwin,

    Just came across this beautiful website! It’s all very lovely, triggering and funny really ?

    When I read this particular blog, I feel the love for myself, I feel every beautiful word that you’re typing.

    The thing for me is..how do we “maintain” this feeling of love? Why is it so easy to get caught up in daily frustrations and get distracted from this self love? Why is it that we have to put in actual effort to experience this love and why does it vanish afterwards? Why do we forget to love ourselves?

    Do you have a magic formula for my problem? ?

    1. hi Annabelle, love never vanishes and it does not need an effort. Love does not hurt, we cannot lose it and is love a feeling? Many see love as something to own, something to get and hold on to. But love is like oxygen; it is what keeps us alive. Without love, life cannot exist. What happens is this myriad of events, feelings, happenings that distract us; like you say about “daily frustrations get us distracted from self love”. How do these frustrations influence you?

      A magic formula? mmmm.. what I’m focusing on is trying to question what influence ‘things’ have on me and determine whether I want them to influence me like that. This can be difficult at times. But looking at all these so-called challenges as sensations that influence me leaves me with an option to either allow them to influence me in a positive way, or, when I feel they aren’t positive to feel in my body how they affect me. Remember: if we can feel it, we can heal it! Many times negative sensations are triggered because of painful events that happened in our life.

      So really, even if this distraction seems to take us away from love, it’s really a beautiful opportunity to heal something within leading you towards greater love.

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