#6 the DAPL tragedy – two tribes of men

Generally speaking, mmmm.. very generally speaking there are two types of people!

  1. those that act to benefit themselves
  2. those that act to benefit others

And perhaps those who are asleep and have no idea at all. I’m not a scientist though but my gut feeling tells me there is a tendency to see more men in the first category and more women in the second. This is just a feeling so don’t put to much weight on it. I remember conversations with my mom and every now and then she would say that in her days her parents would not allow this or that. But she wanted her kids to have the freedom to do so. Sound familiar? 

Many problems that are caused in the world come from nr 1 people; people that feel they are nr 1 and the rest has to follow and fulfill their needs. If you sell guns and love making money chances are you are a big fan of war. Contrary to that are those who want a better future for their kids and hopefully for all children and people in the world.

My heart cries for the situation in the US concerning the Dakota Access Pipe Line (DAPL). What motivates someone, drives someone, under what influence is someone to only care for making more money with oil despite protests from all over the world? To destroy land, hurt people and use very strong force against unarmed fellow men just to make more money. And those that fight it are people that care for the future, respecting their heritage; nr 2 people. They get hurt because they know a better future is not made with oil but with alternatives. They get harassed because they honor the sacred land of their grandparents. They value life more than money. 

Influence is a strange thing. I just sat in my room to pray for both the protesters as well as the greedy man who wants to further fill his pockets. Because an influence such a greed, anger, power and fear must be very hard to life with. They must be lonely too, because that’s the good news; there are more nr 2 people than nr 1. But we have to wake up because we give them too much power by letting them lead us. They’re maybe nr 1, but nr 2 is a higher number! We CAN change this!

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