#8 the comfort-zone called “hi, yeah I’m ok”

How do you feel? I bet ya most of you will answer with a semi-polite answer saying everything is ok, good, great, fine, mmmm and other nods, smiles or whatever statement you feel like making. In some situations people are even prepared to punch you in the face when you ask them ‘how they’re doing‘. Feelings; we are just not very good at talking about feelings. Really! We aren’t. I’ve never heard someone replying with:

“Well, I woke up still a little disturbed with what happened yesterday at work but I’ve told myself this morning to look at the positive side and that made me feel a little calmer even though I feel my heart rate still a little bit higher than usual and part of me is hesitating to go to work because what if the same situation occurs again?”

Almost lost my breath there 😉 The “hi, I’m ok” is day-to-day human interaction, the other is called mediumship! This is not to say that when somebody asks me how I’m doing they better have 5 minutes to hear my life story of the past 24 hours. As a medium, talking about ‘feeling’ is the basis to work from and with. And this is what makes being a good medium so damn challenging; you can’t get away with ‘a man with grey hair, darkish eyes and big hands.. oh, and he used to smoke cigarettes‘. There are an awful lot of old man like that who have passed to the world of spirit. That is like saying “hi, I’m ok“.

Feeling makes us human, thinking is part of our machinery. But that’s the tricky part; we are primarily taught to think and feelings are scary things because they make you cry. And to make matters even worse, boys don’t cry! The impact this has on humanity is vast. So many situations in the world are caused because people don’t feel and voice those feelings. Instead they are scared of those feelings yet true happiness is not about being positive, and certainly not about being negative.

Happiness comes from a balanced mind where both the positive and negative aspects of life can exist.

When we feel, we will feel it all. The amazing great stuff that makes you feel like hugging everybody. But also the awful rotten pain that makes you want to sit in a corner and weep. And that’s all fine! Learning to voice our feelings is amazing and often leads to the most beautiful art, poetry and music. But most importantly; it’s about acknowledging who you are! You may not be perfect, but you may end up liking who you are.. or the other L word; LOVING yourself. And don’t mistake having a hard time voicing your feelings with not being able too. Changes are you are trying to talk about feelings from your head and that’s not gonna work! Cry, get angry, be still, laugh hysteriously.. do whatever it takes to connect with your heart and speak from the heart. Feel it, express it and be you!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I talked about being a medium. This stuff does not make you a medium, it makes you human. But that’s why mediumship is so difficult because it’s not about ‘the vague description’ that could be your late uncle, maybe, perhaps, if. Nope!

It’s about the silly joke he made and that weird shaped freckle on his elbow that only you knew of. The way he could look at you that just made you laugh out loud.

A medium needs to dig deep into those feelings and be true to himself, so he can be true to spirit. But it’s amazing to be able to feel it all. Because feelings make your world bigger and you reach an intimacy with yourself that nobody else can offer you but you. Because nobody has the ability to know you better than you. So go for it, feel the **** and laugh and cry. You’ll thank me for it 😉

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