#9 what the world needs now..

.. is less people with a spiritual belief that adopted this ideology they need to help everybody. Really, what makes those people think they have the answer to other peoples problems? What makes them better or more ‘enlightened‘, ‘awakened‘, ‘sensitive‘ or ‘spiritual‘ than other people to know their needs and have the solution to it. It’s really terribly annoying but;

nobody can help anybody to become truly happy!

Then I close my eyes and contemplate on some thoughts I have and experiences I’ve had in my life. A lot of my moments of meditation I use on self-healing and working through some of the emotional ‘challenges’ I’ve had in my life. And it’s so sooooo easy to fall in the trap of: I figured how to get through that situation or period in my life and now I can use that to help others. No! No! Noooooo! That was my situation, my sh*t, my mistake, my experience and it was unique to me. Even the people involved will have a completely different experience than I had! That experience was not to get some library of ‘How to help other poor people like me‘. It was an obstacle that was standing in the way of being me.

And in my meditation that feeling of total surrender and peace overflows my awareness; this is me! This peace, this stillness, this love is who I truly am. It doesn’t speak, smell, hear, think or anything; it’s a pure state of being. It’s a state of mind that allows our spirit – our soul – to simply be and express that being in the world. You can also look at this state of being from the perspective of energy. Thinking costs energy, emotions costs energy, talking or listening costs energy; everything we do costs energy but this place of stillness, this pure state of being is a place where our energy consumption is in it’s most optimal state. That’s the reason why often, when we meditate, we are faced with our fears and emotions, our past and pains; because sub-consciously they require energy and thus our soul has no need for them and addresses them so we can get rid of it.

Back to the real world!

Would you like to go to work and be faced with the same challenges and difficulties over and over again?

I don’t think so! Our natural tendency will be to try to find solutions to make work easier and learn from our mistakes. Solving problems and facing difficulties costs us energy and this is something we naturally want to avoid. This is why we have machines, computers, software etc to make life easier. To create a higher standard of living that over time costs less energy to actually achieve it than it was without the products. But this is from a physical perspective. Mentally or spiritually our soul tries to achieve the same and these two ways don’t really gel well with each other.

In a physical world we have come to think that making life easier with products, makes us a happier person so more products will make us happier. In reality a lot of these products are just to entertain us, to distract us from life instead of making life easier. Spiritually it’s the other way around; creating less attachments and distractions will allow our soul to be more free enabling our soul to express it self in who we are. Personally, I believe that the expression of our soul will allow us to be who we truly are in a state of peace and wellbeing. But many people, also a lot of those spiritual workers, tend to think differently about that. They rather make themselves a product that you need so their life has purpose and meaning. But they are not free, their identity and happiness becomes dependent on your need.

I don’t care what you do or think; I’m just sharing a perspective with you that might help you. Just one thing;

try feeling that emptiness and stillness as a place what your soul tries to achieve as optimum in terms of energy.

Until something pops up that is stealing your attention and energy. What do you do? Burning some energy and keeping your mind busy, or going back to stand-by and BE.

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