#10 doing and being done

I feel very passionate about spirituality and love to contemplate on various aspects of life and how they influence me. That is; until real life kicks in! Karma, for instance, is quite a bitch and it sounds like this exotic spiritual concept but in reality, it can be a very painful experience. Karma, in easy language, is sort of like; doing and being done. You do something, and at some point in time it comes back to you and it hits you straight in your face. Smack!!!!

There are many ways this can actually happen. Sure, there’s the do good receive better. But that’s not the challenging one. Then there is the stuff where you at some point in time do something out of dishonesty towards yourself. Now this is really a difficult one which I will explain a little bit: at some point in time I wasn’t happy with my relationship, with my work.. well, with nearly everything. I broke up and moved away, or shall I say, run away. It was an escape because what I mostly wasn’t happy with: was ME! I used my life as an excuse to escape from instead of looking at the real cause of my unhappiness. And because of the real underlying reason not being right, I got done what I had done.

That period of my life was absolutely horrible and it took quite some time to get myself back in pieces! Recently, I found out there is another version of the ‘doing being done’ drama. It’s kinda like the other way around; you do it after the experience of being done to you. So you know it’s not gonna be nice, but you know you have to do it for your own sake. And the only reason is: to be true to yourself. It comes from acknowledging your own pain and struggle and the act is like a final piece of the puzzle. To move on is to let go, totally let go. A decision that brings you peace does not mean it isn’t a difficult one, or painful. It brings peace because it’s the right thing and if we can’t be at peace with ourselves, then what?

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