#12 when sensitivity doesn’t make sense

Scroll the internet and you will most likely get overwhelmed with the “Let’s come together and talk about being over the top incredibly sensitive” groups. They have problems with sensitivity, they love it, they say it empowers and others tell you how it drains the life out of them. Sensitivity is HOT! Let’s all be sensitive woohoo. I am shocked with all the nonsense and craziness going on and perhaps, I’m just way too sensitive for all that sensitivity going around.

My eyes fell out of their sockets when I read a post from a lady that, at about 1:30 AM, posted “I’m drowning” publicly on Facebook. That post was followed a few hours later with “nobody cares, this group sucks, you are all fake” and that kind of harassment you may aspect from a sensitive person. Ok, I admit, I’m in that group too but mostly for the pure curiosity of who, what & why.

Anyway, back to the lady in dire need of a life-vest, or should I say, feeling sorry for herself. At some point, her post got some replies with a general context of; “it was freaking night, I was sleeping” (mmm.. good point!)  to “you are drowning, can I help?” and “oh dear, I know you must be feeling so overly sensitive in this harsh world”. The reality is: it has nothing to do with sensitivity. I can only hope the lady seeks some professional help, not because of her sensitivity, but simply because she must be in a challenging place mentally or emotionally to go to the extend she did.

recognition isn’t a good metric for knowing how to be of help.

Sensitivity is really simple: it’s about sensing and for that we have senses. Physical senses and indeed, more subtle senses too.  The problem is that a lot of people don’t have a clue what sensitivity really is and don’t know what’s happening to them. In general, the issue is.. and this is really simple too: they pay too much attention to others or the world outside of them. It’s like that game where a stick falls from the ceiling and you have to catch it. It’s fun in the beginning but it gets really tiring to stare at some empty space waiting for something to happen. This is also kinda what a lot of people do: having their attention to some invisible force outside of them all the time and it just wears them out.

The trick is: stop caring about the game and just focus on you!

That simple? Yep! One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned through developing my mediumship is to ‘not care‘! Now, this sounds like a great contradiction but in reality, it’s not. Caring is a complicated thing: there is, of course, the ‘taking care’ of for instance babies and kids. But there is also ‘caring’ that is based on our own needs which we reflect on others. It’s the latter which doesn’t necessarily help others when we care. When caring translates into a helping hand because of understanding than you enter a dangerous arena because recognition isn’t a good metric for knowing how to be of help. People can have very complex problems caused by even more complex issues. Leave it to professionals(*) to offer help. What you can do is empathize and create space for people to learn for themselves how to solve their problems.

Mediumship makes us realize we are powerful beyond measure, our spirit is divine. Another thing what I learned as well through my mediumship is the ability to sense different dimensions of reality unseen to the physical eye and unheard to the physical ear. My sensitivity allows me to tap into frequencies to provide information I can not know and deliver that information as evidence of life existing beyond physical death. My sensitivity also enables me to sense other people’s energy and read it: a psycic ability that is. You could say; I’m a rather sensitive person.. I’m also a balanced straight forward rational guy. No unicorns, fairy dust or other mystical creatures. My sensitivity makes sense! 

I’m not about mocking other people’s belief or how they deal with being sensitive. But the thing is; a lot doesn’t make sense. I know I am sensitive and dealing with it is simple. The on/off switch is by simply focussing on self. Ask yourself the question: what I sense, does it belong to me or not? If it doesn’t, get rid of it, let it go, don’t pay attention to it by simply acknowledging the feeling and then turning your focus on you. Know thyself! The greatest thing you can do caring for each other is to be you. Simple! Doesn’t that make sense?

(*) you do not become a professional by doing a weekend course receiving a certificate from somebody that did a week course the month before!

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