#15 The end of organized religion is near

“Spiritualism has lost it’s spirituality”, words of one of the greatest spiritualist mediums of the 20th century Gordon Higginson. He was the longest standing President of the Spiritualist National Union and earned a great reputation as a remarkably accurate medium and was gifted with many aspects of mediumship. But what was he talking about when speaking of Spiritualism? When we look at organized religion we often see a difference between its structure and its foundation. Churches are build, centers created and hierarchical structures formed in order to organize the religion that was often based and created by a single man.

A following becomes the basis of a foundation and on that foundation is created the structure that has been the basis of war and power so very often in the past and present. What ultimately remains is the foundation and that is the good news! We don’t need the structures and organizations to live a more spiritual life. It all comes down to the individual’s own responsibility and keeping the foundation strong by open debate, sharing of experiences and allowing everybody to walk his or hers own journey. My personal foundation is created by studying many religions and philosophies which has made me a better man, or at least, I hope so. It hasn’t prevented me from making mistakes or doing wrong, it helped me in making the best decisions possible at the moments I made them.

A good foundation is forgiving, but with many structures we see the duality of right or wrong being used to manipulate and control. That’s also why many structures are crumbling and become weaker because the foundation on which they were once build are no longer supporting their heavy weight. When members start leaving, foundations become like quicksand. But many people are still afraid of the power that structures hold over them, not realizing that a structure can only stand on a foundation of people. Either with politics, religion or any other form. Mankind is waking up to their true power, that we no longer have to be submitted to the sick and egotistical agenda’s of organized crime. Because they are criminals!

We don’t need structures! We need a pure and loving heart and allowing that to form the foundation of a new world.

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