#13 the “this is bullsh*t”- parameter

One of the things I’ve learned about my sensitivity and have seen with people having difficulty with it too, is a lack of “till here and no further” attitude. Sensitivity and sympathy often go hand in hand and as long as there is an inability to discriminate the difference between empathy and sympathy, many of us end up doing stuff we don’t really want and/or like. For no particular reason (ahum – read on and see for yourself) I remember one of my first lectures on sensitivity for a group of very kind people. Somehow I got the idea of putting the attending people to the test and opened the lecture with something like this:

Good evening everybody, my name is Edwin and tonight I would like to talk about sensitivity.

I know.. nothing special so far, just a nice very common introduction.

We will have a break around 9PM tonight for approx. 15 minutes in which you have time to drink a cup of tea of coffee. Then we continue with the second part of the evening. It is not allowed to take any drinks in the conference room, please be aware of this! 

I want to tell you not to ask any questions during the lecture, this is often quite disturbing to me and chances are I will answer them further up the lecture anyway. 

Warming up here, it’s getting even better!!!! Continue reading “#13 the “this is bullsh*t”- parameter”

#6 the DAPL tragedy – two tribes of men

Generally speaking, mmmm.. very generally speaking there are two types of people!

  1. those that act to benefit themselves
  2. those that act to benefit others

And perhaps those who are asleep and have no idea at all. I’m not a scientist though but my gut feeling tells me there is a tendency to see more men in the first category and more women in the second. This is just a feeling so don’t put to much weight on it. I remember conversations with my mom and every now and then she would say that in her days her parents would not allow this or that. But she wanted her kids to have the freedom to do so. Sound familiar?  Continue reading “#6 the DAPL tragedy – two tribes of men”

#3 two, one.. too late, now it’s gone

It started playful and simple with an idea; “mmm, it would be nice to share a guided meditation that uses the theme of influence“. Last week I recorded a meditation I did with a group of international students of mine, the recording is already made so easy peasy! Well that’s what you think. It starts out with the “it would be nice to” but slowly it moves to “I should do it, yay!” to the inevitable and destructive “if I don’t do it today it’s pointless even doing it at all“. That was today!

HOW MANY OF YOU RECOGNIZE THIS? One moment we are all psyched about something and the next we send our sabotage squat on a mission to self and the remaining bits of a belief in our self; searchiiiiing, seek and destroy! (yep, here speaks a Metallica fan of the first hour) I’ve mastered this art of postponing something and then dropping the whole idea all together. Why? It’s because of the invisible force called influence. Continue reading “#3 two, one.. too late, now it’s gone”

#1 the Moment it hits You

You probably will all have experienced it at some point in your life, some perhaps more than others; that eureka moment when you know you hit on something. Mine happened a few days ago when I was reading a newsletters and in it was a transcript of a seance by medium Stainton Moses:

We desire to show you that God Himself is the center of influence, and that His influence, flowing through intermediary agencies, permeates humanity; and those influences (angelic, you call them) influence mankind.

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