#7 don’t believe, don’t think but ACT!

The Buddhist have their eight-fold path, Christians the ten commands and as Spiritualists we have the seven principles. We can contemplate and meditate, debate or be literate… but if we don’t ACT nothing will ever change in this world. Our view on the world can be positive or negative, hopeful or low-spirited but it’s totally up-to-you how you look at the world around you and act.

This audio recording contains an address I recently gave at an online Spiritualist Divine Service. To me mediumship and Spiritualism is about celebrating life and finding a way we can all contribute in a creative and sustaining way to build a future for the generations yet to come. Continue reading “#7 don’t believe, don’t think but ACT!”

#4 inspiration is influence too

There are so many ways that influence can move our spirit. Things happening to us on a daily basis, our actions, our past and often something that we read. I want to share with you today a little piece I wrote, being inspired by a force greater than my conscious awareness.

There will never come a time better than this very moment to start loving yourself. Wait no longer, hesitate no longer, doubt no longer. You are a beautiful and perfect expression of the divine within. Your breath can tell fairy tales, your touch can make a heart beat last forever. Life never ends, has never begun. You cannot go back to the moment of birth and find an empty moment in time when you were not there. You have always been here and there will not be a moment in time when you wont. Continue reading “#4 inspiration is influence too”