#11 Empaths need bigger egos

Ego is bad.. BAD!!! Very very bad! Many spiritual minded people will tell you this in very convincing ways. Ego is like a bad disease and you need to get rid of it in order to be happy. The reality is; you can’t get rid of it! And here’s my go at it. First of all; ego is not bad! But more importantly, you also need it to be able to function at all in this society. Ego is a protection mechanism if you allow it. Ego helps you to balance between and appreciate what life offers you. Ego is not too bad at all!

The problem rises when there is not a need to be met, but an emptiness to be filled

In a black and white world, the ego is about serving self, while the empath is being sensitive and loves to serve others. The question that rises then is: why would the empath so greedily like to help and serve others? Is it a pattern, an unselfish act or strange behaviour? Is it truly because of unconditional love or is Continue reading “#11 Empaths need bigger egos”