#13 the “this is bullsh*t”- parameter

One of the things I’ve learned about my sensitivity and have seen with people having difficulty with it too, is a lack of “till here and no further” attitude. Sensitivity and sympathy often go hand in hand and as long as there is an inability to discriminate the difference between empathy and sympathy, many of us end up doing stuff we don’t really want and/or like. For no particular reason (ahum – read on and see for yourself) I remember one of my first lectures on sensitivity for a group of very kind people. Somehow I got the idea of putting the attending people to the test and opened the lecture with something like this:

Good evening everybody, my name is Edwin and tonight I would like to talk about sensitivity.

I know.. nothing special so far, just a nice very common introduction.

We will have a break around 9PM tonight for approx. 15 minutes in which you have time to drink a cup of tea of coffee. Then we continue with the second part of the evening. It is not allowed to take any drinks in the conference room, please be aware of this! 

I want to tell you not to ask any questions during the lecture, this is often quite disturbing to me and chances are I will answer them further up the lecture anyway. 

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