#14 Empathy is a foolish sentiment

The guy stands back, grabs a big stick and pushes. It nearly falls but manages to recover and stabilizes. Than the guy does it again! He pushes really hard in the back and you see it fall to the ground, on his hands and knees, after which it slowly gets up again.

  • IT is a robot!
  • IT does not feel any pain!

Why did the guy get hatemail and death threats? Take a look at it yourself and observe what you feel! Oh, it’s happening in the first 20 seconds ūüėČ

Honestly, I was shocked with my own response because I kinda cringed, it was as if I felt the robot fall and get hurt – like a human being would. But it didn’t! The robot just fell, it has no emotions or pain what-so-ever! It has kept me busy for the last few days because as a psychic sensitive I always assumed I could feel the energy or emotions and feelings of the other. But do I?

I don’t have the answer but it’s really intriquing to think that maybe we aren’t capable of ‘sensing’ the energy of someone else – unless – we allow ourself to imagine what it could feel like according to our own ‘library’ of emotions. The other day I came out of a shop and this skinny man asked me for some money and my ’empathy’ seemed to be having a day off. I could not feel his pain, problems, empty stomach or emotional agony and I’m sure he will experience some of it. How come?

“We feel because we choose to do so”… maybe empathy is just a foolish sentiment! Are we experiencing emotions just to come to an understanding that they are not what we think they are? Like the robot; the little shock it gave me by watching it wasn’t from the robot, it’s a dead machine. It triggered something within myself. Emotions help us to move around the world; to group together and to care. To like and dislike, to approve and disapprove etc. But emotions fluctuate, they seem to have a mind of their own, they give color to life but can also create the biggest agony you can imagine.

So are we really that interconnected afterall? Or are we fooling our self by believing we sense ‘others’ when in reality we don’t. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle but for now I’m busy trying to make sense of why I felt something that was not experienced by the real subject.

And please let me know what you experienced watching this video!


#13 the “this is bullsh*t”- parameter

One of the things I’ve learned about my sensitivity and have seen with¬†people having difficulty with it too, is a lack of “till here and no further” attitude. Sensitivity and sympathy often go hand in hand¬†and as long as there is an inability to discriminate the difference between empathy and sympathy, many of us end up doing stuff we don’t really want and/or like. For no particular reason (ahum – read on and see for yourself) I remember one of my¬†first lectures on sensitivity for a group of very kind people. Somehow I got the idea of putting the attending people to the test and opened the lecture with something like this:

Good evening everybody, my name is Edwin and tonight I would like to talk about sensitivity.

I know.. nothing special so far, just a nice very common introduction.

We will have a break around 9PM tonight for approx. 15 minutes in which you have time to drink a cup of tea of coffee. Then we continue with the second part of the evening. It is not allowed to take any drinks in the conference room, please be aware of this! 

I want to tell you not to ask any questions during the lecture, this is often quite disturbing to me and chances are I will answer them further up the lecture anyway. 

Warming up here, it’s getting even better!!!! Continue reading “#13 the “this is bullsh*t”- parameter”

#12 when sensitivity doesn’t make sense

Scroll the internet and you will most likely get overwhelmed with the “Let’s come together and talk about being over the top incredibly sensitive” groups. They have problems with sensitivity, they love it, they say it empowers and others tell you how it drains the life out of them. Sensitivity is HOT! Let’s all be sensitive woohoo. I am shocked with all the nonsense and craziness going on and perhaps, I’m just way too sensitive for all that sensitivity going around.

My eyes fell out of their sockets when I read a post from a lady that, at about 1:30 AM, posted “I’m drowning”¬†publicly on Facebook. That post was followed a few hours later with “nobody cares, this group sucks, you are all fake” and that kind of harassment you may aspect from a sensitive person. Ok, I admit, I’m in that group too but mostly for the pure curiosity of who, what & why.

Anyway, back to the lady in dire need of a life-vest, or should I say, feeling sorry for herself. At some point, her post got some replies with a general context of; “it was freaking night, I was sleeping” (mmm.. good point!)¬† to Continue reading “#12 when sensitivity doesn’t make sense”